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Fervent Fire Ministries Holds 3rd Annual Mission Possible Youth Camp

Fervent Fire Ministries put on Mission Possible Youth Camp for its third year to give youth a time to be away from the distractions of the world and be brought into the presence of the Lord and fellowship of their brothers and sisters in Christ. This year, they were encouraged to "Be a Real Friend" by bringing a friend to camp and together getting rid of their sin and turning toward Christ. From June 26th to the 29th, youth ages 10 to 18 enjoyed creative activities, outdoor sports, delicious food, insightful classes, and powerful services.

Youth members were divided into groups for bunking in cabins and were assigned counselors to help them through the entire experience. After getting settled in, the youth enjoyed activities such as basketball, horse back riding, flag football, fishing, and more. Those interested in sharing their talent participated in a talent contest where the winners shared in front of everyone during one of the services.

The youth also embarked together on a nature walk to discover the wildlife nearby, and some participated in a bug hunt. Mission Possible youth also enjoyed a beach day with lots of sand, water, and fun! They were also involved in Cabin Wars, Wacky Olympics, and other fun, engaging activities. Included as one of the activities was stilt making!

The youth didn't only enjoy activities; they were poured into to help them grow spiritually. The mornings included classes taught by Christine Lovett called "A Visit to the Principles Office," where she taught on Christian Character as well as confronted unrealistic outer image expectations pushed by today's society through magazine covers and image alterations.

At the night services, youth enjoyed short games, some of which incorporated the BARF theme, like the food-coloring milk chug!

Services included talent performances, praise and worship, and a message from one of the speakers. This year's speakers were Justin Bethel, Easker Brooks, John Holler, and Scott Lovett. They learned about being a true friend to each other and to God, and that God has and awesome plan for them to fulfill.

Many young people had a life-changing experience with God right at the altar. We pray that they continue to experience God in this mighty way and that every word spoken by the Holy Spirit would be planted deep inside of them.

We're extremely appreciative of every single person that was a part of camp, from the camp counselors, to those helping prepare meals in the kitchen, to those who taught. We also highly value every person who sponsored a youth to be able to come and experience this and every partner whose support to Fervent Fire Ministries goes to outreaches like this to cause a very real change in the lives of people.

Be on the look out for next year's Mission Possible camp! More information will come as the next camp date approaches next year at Check out more pictures from camp below:

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