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We are not a non-profit intended to solely support the gifts and callings of Scott and Christine Lovett. FFM is a ministry that was set up with the sole purpose of assisting and fulfilling the vision of others. For the ministers who are selfless enough to join this vision of seeing others' visions come to pass, FFM will provide the tools necessary to see the individual's evangelistic vision come to pass. All books, CDs, and other products will be solely funded and produced by FFP, the profits from such products will be incorporated back into FFM to fund, establish and grow the various ministries and works of others.

All funds, monies and offerings raised by the corporate evangelistic works are to be incorporated back into FFM which in turn provides a steady salary, benefits, product royalties, annual bonuses and review based upon the individual minister's obedience, performance, and commitment to their vision and work. FFM will expand and grow other ministries through the dedication and service of all minister's willing to commit to the vision and plan of FFM. 

The Mandate

Fervent Fire Ministries has a mandate to raise up ministers and ministries to bring in the last day harvest. In 2004, Scott & Christine Lovett founded a church congregation that would be used as a training ground to teach, equip, and establish five-fold ministers to build the kingdom of God.  Turning back to the Word of God to find true church government and order, Scott worked to establish a group of elders to assist him in the process of establishing men and women of God. Real Church is an OJT center that provides a place for ministers to develop & grow. Every church should have a complete five-fold ministering staff operating in that house for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry. Our mandate is to raise up 1600 of these ministers and place them into 400 churches based on scriptural church government and sound doctrine. 


Fervent Fire Ministries

Fervent Fire is maximizing its efforts at our headquarters and abroad.  We continue to offer ministry education, hands-on outreaches, active evangelism, effective books and publications, and much more. Under the direction of Scott C. Lovett, we get the maximum production for God's kingdom out of each and every dime.  When you participate with this ministry, you need to know that the character of those involved is thoroughly known, the work and production in each event and product is inspected, and the glory is given to Jesus Christ upon completion.  Kingdom work is what we are about and God is honoring our efforts.


Revival Fire

Many ministers who preach God's Word with signs following.

FFM is raising up ministers, and ministry teams to bring revival to the United States of America. Whether you are affiliate with us or not, we would love to help you start a Holy Ghost fire in your state, community, or church. Scott C. Lovett and the FFM ministry team continue in their efforts to see people changed by the supernatural power of God. No matter the event,  whether church revival, tent meeting, conference, crusade, or outreach, we would love to be a part. We have a limited number of spaces each year, besides the dates and events set by FFM and Real Church.

Fellowship of Flames

Many ministers who build up and edify the Church.

Fellowship of Flames is an alliance of pre-established churches and ministries that have come together to provoke one another to continue in the faith by obeying the Word of Truth, walking in the Spirit, and bearing the fruit of God which leads to maturity. FFM works with theses various churches and organizations to provide materials and services. The goal is to provide print media, books and curriculum, music material, production, and publishing services. FFM will also assist these entities with non profit consultation services. FFM will provide ministers to assist them to encourage, build up, and establish the bride of Christ. FFM will assist with revivals, seminars, conferences and church meetings.  These entities will come together for Group Fellowship, Conference events, and Equip Leadership Conferences. FFM will also help with Evangelistic Crusades.

Fire Starters

Plant 400 churches throughout America.

Firestarters is a program provided through the support of the Real Church congregation, Fervent Fire, Fervent Fire partners, and the Fire Affiliation. Upon Scriptural requirements being met, FFM will appoint a group of trained elders to go and establish a new congregational work. FFM will provide initial funding and setup costs for the founding of a start up Five Fold Ministry church. FFM will provide advertising and media, curriculum and materials, sound equipment and tools to help in establishing the new church. The leadership will be given Apostolic & Elder guidance and support. In exchange for FFM support,the new work would agree to help FFM financially and spiritually, by joining in the effort to fulfill the vision by planting churches and raising up ministers.

Fervent Fire Education

True Foundation

True Foundation is a school and learning facility providing child education through the Principle Approach, leading them to the point of Christian service or full-time ministry. True Foundation is possibly going to have a museum during the summer.

AIM Ministry Institute *Looking for facility

Action (Work), Instruction (Study), Mastery (Personal Life) 

This is a ministry school that trains 30 students at a time for ministry. It requires spiritual study, natural life skills, and actual work of the ministry itself. This AIM is achieved through Willingness, Obedience, Responsibility, and Knowledge - an acronym that represents what ministry takes, which is a lot of WORK. AIM is a two-year program where the student is required to work in exchange for living and schooling.

Ministry Mastery

Ministry Mastery is a curriculum giving online students and their local churches the ability to raise up five-fold ministers from within their congregations through work and ministry at their local facility. Online classes projected to begin soon.

Academy of the Arts & Tulsa Homeschool Choir

AOA is an arts academy raising up artists and musically talented young people to become effective praise and worship leaders and artists, honing their skills for God's use. Started in 2001, Tulsa Homeschool Choir recently teamed up with Fervent Fire Ministries to help raise up young talent.

BodyBuilders Curriculum

BodyBuilders is a class for building the local church body. It is a great tool for overseers to use to have their church all on one page with Biblically-sound teaching and understanding. In this curriculum, Scott C. Lovett takes students on a tour of the different aspects of church membership, exploring topics like the Sabbath, offense, commitment, prejudice, church relationship issues, and much more. Teaching on these types of issues will help the members of the body develop firm foundations that build long-lasting church relationships. This is implemented at Real Church as a new members class. Online classes are available on the website.

Fervent Fire Outreach

All of these entities are operated by ministry leaders and ministry students.

Compel Christian Network

Compel Christian Network is an internet media arm that is regularly updated with video content, commercials, and reports of various events. This includes streaming of services, episodes of The Final Word, and video-based classes.


Skate Church *Looking for facility

Skate Church is a youth outreach facility that draws youth to be ministered to in order to establish them in Jesus Christ, provide counseling for troubled teens, and potentially make contact with youth with a heart for ministry.

Mission Possible Youth Camp

Mission Possible is a youth camp designed to encourage young people during the summer to keep their focus on God while enjoying time with one another. This camp focuses on team work and fellowship through outdoor activities and games, as well as deep relationship with God through times of teaching, praise, and worship. It is our hope each camper will leave camp seeing a caring, loving, and forgiving God through Jesus Christ, who is alive in the world, through the church, the counselors, campers, nature and in themselves!

Stripes of Healing Mission *Looking for facility

Stripes of Healing is a mission outreach designed to minister the Gospel to the homeless by letting ministry students preach nightly and serve food. This program will also provide 15 homeless people with the opportunity to enter the Work to Life program, which teaches work skills, living principles, and ethics to help them come of the street.


Fervent Fire Productions is a marketing arm of the ministry that produces marketing print materials, digital marketing media, and video marketing media. It includes graphics design and partnership contact. It is also the production arm of the ministry, producing the ministry in book, video, television, music, and various ministry curriculum and materials. These two aspects work together to place the ministry and its products and vision in the public's view through online marketing, television commercials, complimentary partner and outreach gifts, and so forth. Fervent Fire Productions also creates websites (such as this one!) and offers services and ministry products on the Fervent Fire Productions site.

Fervent Fire Studios

Recording and media studios producing television, video, and music CD releases for those ministers who have a desire to produce and record songs or other arts-related projects for the Lord.

No Trash, Just Treasure Thrift Store

This is a donation facility run by student volunteers that generates money to help keep Fervent Fire Ministries and its many programs running through various thrift donations. This facility also provides instant clothing help and material items to those in need who meet program requirements.

Days Gone By Farms

Days Gone By Farms is a farm that produces naturally-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs, as well as meats and more. This is worked by a manager and 15 Work to Life program participants.

The Maker's Market & Smokehouse

The Maker's Market & Smokehouse is a market providing canning and meat preservation and curing to the public, as well as items made directly on the farm from Days Gone By.

Dining Facility

This dining facility is farm to table, serving fresh season dining items from Days Gone By and the Maker's Market to customers based on a family dinner setting. It is run by the 30 students and a couple of chefs.

Fervent Fire Catalogue & Wholesale

Catalogue & Wholesale is a group of individuals who wholesale directly to bookstores and retail outles for Fervent Fire Productions.

Fervent Fire Accounting, Contracts, & Royalties

This is a contractual managing service that calculates royalties for music and artists who produce products through Fervent Fire Productions & Studios, as well as provide legal information for the founding of churches.

*A Special Note

Please note that not all of these aspects of the vision are implemented or complete. Most of the ministries that have logos and websites are functioning. What has been expressed as the vision above may not necessarily reflect the vision in its entirety, as over time, it gets clearer how God would like us to proceed. We're excited to have seen so much growth in moving toward establishing and completing what God has shown us to do and love to include you on the progress we make every day. To help us move forward even faster, consider partnering with us! Any support you could provide would be tremendous in furthering God's Kingdom on this earth.

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