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Apostles Scott & Christine Lovett

The Lovetts have held revival meetings across the United States since 1996. During their time in ministry, they have seen countless individuals come to Jesus, receive healing, and be filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Together, they have a desire to see God restore and revive the last day church to a place of unity and power. They are currently founding many churches, ministries, and raising up five fold ministers to bring in the last day harvest. With a direct and dynamic preaching style, powerful praise and worship ministry, and the gifts of Holy Spirit in operation, God continues to use this couple to minister to the hearts of people who desire a real experience with the Lord. Over the years, they have released five praise and worship albums, produced many ministry materials and have assisted multiple ministers in all areas of ministry. They currently oversee and raise up ministers at Real Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They continue to be sought after for revivals, praise and worship conferences, ministry training, and church planting. They continue to fulfill the vision God has called them to by focusing on helping others. As they contnue to submit to the will of God, the Spirit bears witness to their obedience with signs and wonders.

Scott C. Lovett

 Scott was saved at the age of four and baptized in the Holy Ghost at six. He began his ministry at a young age by simply being obedient to pray for people as God led him to. Through this simple obedience many doors were opened to him to participate and work in areas of ministry in his local church. Under his Pastor he learned to move in the gifts of the Spirit and rightly divide the Word of truth. At eighteen, he attended Oklahoma Christian University, a Church of Christ school; where he was able to witness fellow students receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost as the opportunity arose. This was a time for Scott to sharpen his beliefs and really search the Word of God for himself. In April of 1994, God directed him to finish his degree at Oral Roberts University. While in attendance, God opened up the doors for Scott to become an "ORU TV Singer" on the daily "Something Good Today" program hosted by Richard Roberts. In this time, he traveled with Richard Roberts and performed at TBN, numerous Christian stations and ministry events. On occasion, he also worked and performed for several other ministries such as, "This Is Your Day" program for Benny Hinn, "Azusa" conference for Carlton Pearson, "2005 Olympics" for Randall Parr, "Souls A' Fire" gospel choir under the direction of David Smith, and many more. In May 1996, Scott graduated and began to pursue the call God had placed on his life. It was during his time at ORU, that he would meet his wife.

Christine Lovett

Christine was raised in a Christian home and saved in her mother's Good News Club at the age of five. She recommitted her life at twelve and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the same time. She found the power of the Holy Spirit was needed in her Christian life. The inner filling of the Spirit gave her the power to walk as a Christian. As the Holy Spirit empowered her with a fire for God she was able to minister to many of her peers. She traveled on missions to Panama at sixteen where she experienced an intense hunger for more of God and her burden for souls increased. While participating in missions she realized that the American church needed a Spiritual awakening. She began to pray and the gift of intercession was revealed. In 1994, she became a music major at ORU. While there she was a part of the Frontline singers who performed in chapel and traveled on missions to Jamaica. She sang on the Richard Roberts show. She also sang with Souls A' Fire Gospel Choir and the annual Azusa Choir. In August of 1997, Scott and Christine married, and became one in full-time ministry. Together they purposed to fulfill God's plan for their lives.

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