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Farmyard Insights

By Glenn Edwards

Eagles and Turkeys: 

When I attended Agriculture School, we learned that soil and dirt were not the same thing. I thought they were—silly me! To my instructor, there were only different classifications of soil, and dirt was the term used for any soil in the wrong place. Life is filled with these small distinctions, and we are tasked with sorting them out. Some are very important, and others are just housekeeping, so to speak. 

In a 1960s movie entitled “The Music Man,” there was a song titled “Pick a Little, Talk a Little.”  It was a cute song with a snappy melody.  In that era, people often kept chickens near their homes, so the sound of chickens cackling was familiar to many.  The men used to say a gathering of a group of women talking together was like a group of chickens clucking.  Thus, the slang term for women became “Hens” in those days.  What am I getting at? Well, behavior begets conclusions, which are not always correct, even if a little humor is associated with them.  Habits we have had for years do not make them necessarily good or functional, but they do tend to define us as they are often the sum of our historical learning. 

Today, much is spoken regarding success.  For example, we are asked, are we Eagles soaring to new heights, capturing the winds, and being carried along like Elijah by the Spirit of God?  When we have God’s anointing, like Elijah, we can run faster than we have ever run before.  Or are we Turkeys who walk along on the ground and scratch out a meager living?  These animals bring us pictures of life through their behavior. 

Isa. 40:31 NIV But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, and they will walk and not faint

As we study the scriptures, we find that God used Balam’s donkey to warn him of impending trouble (Numbers 22:22 – 35), showing how God sometimes uses the natural realm to make spiritual points and bring lessons to life.  

The scriptures teach us so many lessons.  All these lessons are given for our admonition and to provide insights into the world where we live.  However, like Eve discovered in the Garden, we have an adversary who is the Father of lies, and with all his demon hoards, he works to pervert the purity of God’s creation.  From the earliest discovery of the wheel and fire, I have observed that we have been crafting tools to improve our lives.  

Today, we live in the computer age, and once again, the devil is trying to pervert what God has given to assist us. For many, these new computer tools are becoming another way to prove that we don’t need God. Instead of being helpful, artificial intelligence and algorithms can become just another distraction that turns our attention away from the painstaking effort to develop a living, heart-to-heart relationship with the Holy Trinity.  

Man is still the pinnacle of God’s creation, as we were created in God's image and likeness to be like him. As He is a spirit, so has He created us to be living spirits that choose from our free will to fellowship with the Holy Father through Christ by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. 

One of my goals is to make the spiritual life practical and real. Remember, we are spiritual beings with a soul (Mind, Will, and Emotions) and live in a natural body (our Earth Suit).  These parts don’t function separately but as a unified group.  Something for you to think about this week. 

Happy Faith Adventures!! 

More insights from the Farmyard for you today.  

Be Blessed. 

Glenn Edwards 


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