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Prophets John & Stephanie Holler

John and Stephanie began ministry together in the fall of 2003, where they assisted Scott and Christine at an "Outpouring" conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They felt a strong connection with Fervent Fire Ministries and often felt that they would be deeply involved with Scott and Christine. In the summer of 2004, Scott approached them about becoming the Music Pastors for Real Church. They accepted the position and have helped with that work ever since.  They were married on December 30, 2005. Together, they have become a vital part of Fervent Fire. In the fall of 2010, John began to feel a deep urgency to leave his job for full-time ministry.  February 28, 2011, he left his job and travelled with Scott to Jonesboro to found a church there. John and Stephanie now work full-time with Scott and Christine in Fervent Fire, travelling, preaching, and working alongside. They share a deep passion to see churches, pastors and congregations grow deeper and stronger in the love they have for Jesus Christ.

John Holler

John accepted Jesus when he was five years old.  He has been involved in churches for all of his remembering life, began playing in church bands when he was seven and started preaching when he was twelve. He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when he was seven and developed a deep sensitivity to God's voice. Early in his life, he knew that he would never be "normal", but would devote his life to serving God. Because of his devotion to the house of God, pastors would often rely on him to serve in several capacities beyond the scope of his age. He attended Oral Roberts University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Sacred Music. During his time at ORU, he met Stephanie and heard God tell him that she would be his wife. Through that relationship, he was also introduced to Scott and Christine and began working with them in October of 2003.  Since that time, John has assisted in coutless projects and in the founding Real Church (where he now serves on the Elders Board as a Prophet), travelled and now also serves as the Administrator for Fervent Fire Ministries. All that aside, his one driving passion is seeing people grow up and mature in the things of God, sharing in the burdens and rejoicing in the victories. In all things, he seeks to glorify God until the day of His return, presenting to Christ a body that is more mature and beautiful everyday.

Stephanie Holler

Stephanie grew up in a family that was very involved in ministry. She was deeply sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit as a young child and began her walk at the age of three. She was filled with the Spirit and baptized when she was twelve and immediately felt a strong desire and calling to full time ministry. As time passed, that calling intensified through her late teenage years. All through her formative years, she enjoyed and developed her passion for music. Upon graduation from high school, she attended Evangel University where she studied music education for one year. After that, she transfered to Oral Roberts University where she met John. She graduated in 2005 with her degree in Music Technology. Before graduation, she was very involved in Fervent Fire and in the founding of Real Church, serving as Music Pastor with John. One of the passions that she carries is to teach others the joy of music. She started "The Academy of the Arts" to help this passion be realized and is currently the administrator for Tulsa Homeschool Choir. She also assists with True Foundation Learning Center. Other responsibilities include: raising their daughters Rachel and Zaria, serving on the Elders Board at Real Church, producing music and helping with products at FFP, and ministering in music at Real Church.

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