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Change a Nation by Changing a Person

The Lord gave the word: great [was] the company of those that published [it].Psalm 68:11

Help us publish the "Jesus in your Skin" book. We want to see people set free from deception and the tyranny of manipulation and changed for God’s glory.  Buy multiple digital copies and publish them for other people. When you publish, the discounted copies are sent to your friends, family, neighbors, church, co-workers, and even your enemies by email as a gift.
Once you purchase, email everyone on your list to notify them of your gift to them. Tell them to look for an email from, subject line "A Gift from Fervent Fire Productions."
We offer both digital and audio copies.  If you do not want to give emails we will send you download cards to your address. Download cards are great for evangelism. Give us the organization name and address and we will print it on the cards.

Pass this word along so that we can all return to the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God - the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ (Ephesians 4:13) and become, once more, one nation, under God.

We appreciate your help in spreading the
Gospel.  The minimum suggested price for our digital publishing program is $2 to $5 per book, but you have the option to contribute more and help us impact many people with the Gospel. On the other hand, reaching people is our ultimate goal. All we ask is that you give your best, even if your best is the effort you put is to get the emails and help us connect these people to the book by emailing them. Of course the best giving is God directed giving.
The official email will say "A gift from Your Name" so they do not miss it.
Thank you for spending your time and resources reaching your families and communities with the message of salvation and liberty through Jesus Christ.

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Publish your
books here!

Help us publish Jesus in your Skin! Enter Your name and email, select book type for this order, Enter names and emails. Ask God what to give. 

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