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Scott C. Lovett and John Holler are on a mandate from God to set their feet down at all fifty State Capitals.  Men of God have a mandate from God to take spiritual territories for Jesus Christ.  As the worn and torn spiritual soldiers of the past are taken to their heavenly homes, the territiories their feet walked with the Gospel message is going to come up for grabs.  In this epic struggle over territories, men and women of God must be sent forth to declare the Gospel again.


Instead of retreating inside the walls of our facilites, leadership must begin to take the work of Spirit seriously.  We are called to be salt and light, but if we fail to take dominion in the Spirit there is no hope for our struggling nation.  Scott C. Lovett and John Holler are stepping down at the Capitol of each state to pray and believe God to send revival fire across our nation. They are also handing out letters to government officials admonishing them to turn back to God. 


We have to actually obey what we see in the Spirit; we cannot sit back and wait for a public declaration to happen.  We have to be the ones to do the work of the Spirit in our nation. The early church faced the national leadership head on, simply by keeping the appointments God set for their lives.


There is more to kingdom work than just believing for things. We are called to do the works of the Spirit, these are laid out in God's Word and they are not limited to the walls of our buildings.  We must take our nation back.

The Capitals Tour with The Monday Minute

In the Monday Minute, Scott C. Lovett brings a short message from the Word directly to you. Watch Scott as he explains more about his journey and his visit to the Capitals of America and prays throughout the buildings and the Capitol grounds.

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