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Become a part of Fervent Fire Ministries by helping us fulfill His mandate! We have been committed to the work of the ministry since 1996 and are still going strong!
This is a personal invitation for YOU to be a part of what God is doing through Fervent Fire Ministries here and throughout the nation. It doesn't take much if everyone does their part. Becoming a supporter every month goes a long way and helps more than you could ever imagine.
Your regular support helps with producing books, music, and sermons. It causes ministers in Five-Fold Ministry training to be equipped to be appointed in a new church plant. It also helps fund revival meetings and other outreaches. These are just a few of the things going on at Fervent Fire Ministries; are you willing to help?
We want you to be involved every step of the way and feel PERSONAL about those who journey with us.  We want to keep you involved in everything that is going on.  This is what this portal is all about.  It lets you be a part of the teachings, sermons, outreaches, and missions God has commissioned us to.  Most important is lets you see the personal lives that are being touched as we ask God to change individuals one heart at a time!  To God this is really PERSONAL!

We send out a newsletter to let you know of all the things that God has been doing through Fervent Fire Ministries so you can personally

see the growth that we have

had throughout the year!

Your partner ship means the world to us!  

Click the Image to see our 2024 Newsletter!

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