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Living Nativity Celebrates the Birth of Christ

On December 16th, Real Church and Fervent Fire Ministries partnered to create and hold an event called the Living Nativity outside of Real Church. The Living Nativity event featured booths with vendors, music, and a live nativity scene including dance and a light show.

The live nativity portion of the event ran four times: 6:20p, 7:20p, 8:20p, and 9:20p. Several actors brought the nativity story to life.

Families who braved the cold weather enjoyed seeing the three kings ride in on real horses!

For one part of the nativity play, Apostle Scott filled the role of the angel Gabriel and sang a song over the manger with a beautiful light show.

The entire front of the Real Church building was carefully decorated with lights timed to the music for an awe-inspiring highlight during songs.

The Real Church dance team came out to bring praise in the form of dance.

Between showings of the live nativity were special performances by guests, including some from the Tulsa Homeschool Choir.

Fervent Fire Ministries and Real Church had a wonderful time putting this event on and look forward to holding the Living Nativity again next year! To everyone who has supported Fervent Fire Ministries or this event in particular, we are so thankful to you and want you to know that you are causing the name of Jesus to be lifted up in the city of Tulsa.

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