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Allegiance to the State System

While the war for words is raging within the American political and social climate, the ignorance of the populace to understand the use and the meanings behind the terms is very unnerving. Party propaganda, group manipulation, an uneducated populace, and generations of school children filled with perverted ideals equals a nation that is on its way to a society where the state has supreme control over an uninformed and fractured people.

To turn to the Government as an entity to bring social reform and equality is ludicrous in every sense of the word. Especially since all of the socialist programs within the government are fractured organizations fighting and squabbling over money to fund their latest agenda. Each agenda has yielded itself towards benefiting a certain group of people who are basically either greedy for money and power, or out to make the American populous believe a certain belief with an underlying proposition or cause. Instead of the populace holding to their individual rights and freedoms they have left the idea of “We the People” and have instead become “We the Statists." A statist is one that believes “man's life and work belong to the state--to society, to the group, the gang, the race, the nation--and that the state may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own, tribal, collective good." Government is given the power through the right of programs and the so called “common good” to violate individual rights, freedoms, and liberties. The state programs and government officials violate an individuals economic liberty and freedom by regulating business, controlling property, expropriating wealth, or giving power to government officials to nationalize industry. They violate individual civil liberty by imposing censorship, violating conscience, controlling free speech to the point of inquisition, show trial, and eventually concentration camp.

Fascism is racial statism. Communism is economic class statism. Socialism is the root of statism and goes against the rights of the individual. It bases its ideas in the premise that man kind will become more moral and happy as humanity is forced into conformity of environment. It moves toward communism where all property and people are owned by the government cooperative. Fascism leaves property in the private hands of the racially selected, then chains those hands, by every monetary decision being governed by the state. Both Communism, Fascism, and the welfare state find themselves based in Socialism pressing the people into deeper dependance on the Government programs synonymous with the term “state”. The idea of the Statist is found in the politician, government worker, or even business run programs wanting to make sure to use our industry to give themselves a bigger paycheck, increase their departments budget or property, and further their aganda or personal power. It is found in social programs designed to keep you in the program instead of planning for your individual success and private ownership that requires your personal management. It is found in the individual who wants to remain in leisure and have someone else keep care of them. It is found in those who claim victimization as they remain idle, and are simply jealous and covetous of what is truly the well deserved property of another.

While the men that founded our nation carried with them many of the social flaws developed within the systems of Europe, they had a deep desire to build a structure that would limit government and strengthen the rights of the individual. The idea of individual rights were so strong that the system of government they chose would even bring correction to their own double mindedness concerning slavery, women, and individual liberty. The principles of individual freedom would reign supreme. Principles such as private property, freedom of speech and property of conscience, religious freedom based in the church being free from government interference, and many more.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the economic policies and the politics of government in the United States became mixed with two opposing views. Our systems became part capitalist and part statist. A confusing mixture of individual freedom and government intervention. The statist system starts to develop when government is not properly limited. This mixed system partly protects the rights of the individual, but then passes policies that violate them. Both of our current political parties operate out of the mindset that government intervention is necessary. The fact is, it is necessary for them to maintain power and control of the tax payer dollars that come rolling in. The early founders and politicians had a different motivation in mind. Their job was to limit the government and protect individual rights. The current Government institutions ignore the limits of Constitution and act without rational principles of individualism. Statist views are trying to micromanage our lives and intervene in business and economy.

The Socialist side of our Government operates within so called administrative agencies. When social agencies are set up they function outside of the separation and limits of power set up in our original form of Government. The executive, judicial, and legislative branches have become very small compared to the social programs we have set up. The federal agencies appointed by Congress implement and pass more regulations than all of the separate branches of power together. In effect, these entities are taking away individual freedoms and are passing regulations that control what Americans can and cannot do. Our government gives money to subsidize the farmers who grow tobacco, then turns around and pays organizations to propagandize against smoking. Government agencies mandate stronger bumpers for automobiles, while another department called CAFE

demands them to be lighter and more dangerous in order to support fuel economy. Then both of these organization increase the price of the automobile. Government programs for dairy farmers keep the price of milk high, but another organization gives the public school extra money to help bring down the price of the milk. The mixed philosophies of socialism and capitalism bring mixed government policies infringing on individual rights until the Government ends up with total socialistic control. In this mixed system, the government grants privileges to some groups at the expense of others. It should never be about any group, but rather ensuring the rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own happiness. In a Statist system, the government is used to initiate force “against” or “for” a certain group of citizens. One group of citizens will call for intervention to their specific need or view, inevitably the government will have to oppose another group. Instead of supporting civil liberties and individual rights socialism always starts with the power of a collective.

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