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I Got Saved! Why Isn't Everything Better?

You enter the church, sit in the pew, and hear about how great God is. How everything in life is a blessing, how everyone's doing so great. You decide to take that step yourself and everyone rejoices because you've said the prayer at the altar - you're saved!


Where is all those happy blessings and promises during the next few weeks? Why isn't everything all better? Why do you still struggle? Why do the people in the church have it all together and you don't?

Something many people fail to share is that starting a relationship with God doesn't mean you magically have your life together. You've been learning all your life to go the wrong way. You've been forming bad habits, leaving God and His wisdom out of your day-to-day living and even larger life choices. The enemy has torn you up, which is quite possibly why you ended up on your knees, crying out to God.

The truth is, those other people in the church with the nice hair and fancy clothes don't have it all together, either. Just like you, they're learning to follow God and make life choices that align with His Word. Some may be further along in their walk, but that doesn't mean the wisdom they have now is something they got the moment they came to Christ.

As a new believer or someone who just recently returned to following Christ, you've made an excellent decision - one that is life-changing. But even though your life can and will radically change in a passionate relationship with Christ, there are some things you're going to have to walk through.

Now, instead of listening to the devil, you're learning to listen to the Holy Spirit. You're beginning to take steps in a different direction. You'll be facing things you used to run from and turning to God for comfort instead of carnal things that may have been making life even worse.

You still have to contend with the sin nature and the choices and lies that brought you to this place. But now, instead of trying to blindly fumble around on your own, you have the Holy Spirit guiding you.

Don't be dismayed if things don't immediately become perfect - because they won't. This relationship with Christ is a process. He's going to walk you through the pain to heal it, teach you to make better and different decisions, and show you what it is to live life in a way that honors Him and restores your purpose.

Continue to love and trust Him, and see Him work through you in ways you never thought possible.

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