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Bringing Fasting and Prayer Back to Thanksgiving | Fervent Fire Ministries to Hold Annual So Very Th

When we think of Thanksgiving, we tend to think about turkey, stuffing, pie, family and football. There's family all around, enjoying way more than enough to eat at a full table of food. You might think of after dinner as the time to get ready to wait in line for Black Friday. But that's not all that Thanksgiving is, or was.

Historically, the pilgrims would have a time of fasting, prayer, and humiliation before having a time of Thanksgiving. They would come before the Lord in humility and pray concerning whatever matter was at hand. Then, when God answered their prayers, they would have a time of Thanksgiving! This was not a time of gluttony, however.

As Americans and individuals, we have plenty to be concerned about. If we partake in a Thanksgiving celebration purely containing a little "I'm thankful for..." moment and pigging out on food, what are we really celebrating? Are we really thankful to God? Did we think about Him longer than it took to say the prayer before starting in on the turkey?

Fervent Fire Ministries takes the time in November before Thanksgiving to have a time of fasting and prayer just as the pilgrims did. We accept prayer requests from all around the nation and the world to pray for during this time. We want to see God move in mighty ways and have a sincere time of thanksgiving to the Lord. Then, the night before Thanksgiving, November 21st, we come together with Real Church for the So Very Thankful event, hosted by Compel Christian Network. This is a live stream of our Thanksgiving service where we will get together to all pray over the prayer requests that have come in all month.

If you'd like to submit a prayer request for us to pray for, you can submit it here. Please consider standing in agreement with us and fasting and praying during this month of November and enter into a true time of Thanksgiving on November 22nd!

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