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Pastor Appreciation Month Isn't Enough

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While it's nice to be able to take a moment to appreciate men and women of God, I thought it a bit non-inclusive due to the name.

Why? Because when you know about five-fold ministry, you could see this as only appreciating one of the callings. Now, I'm not trying to ruin something based only on the name of the event, so let me clear this up - I just want to take this moment to appreciate ALL the five-fold - not just pastors.

So, thank you to the pastors, who love the flock, even to a fault at times. Those who go out of the way to show God's love and listen tirelessly to the endless emotional issues and life problems of people and still desire to love them through anything and everything.

Thank you to the teachers, who are delving into the Word of God and making the deepness and intricacies available for the every day person. Those who find delight in showing people the meanings of the Greek and Hebrew and what those definitions mean in relation to the awesomeness of who God is and what He wants for us.

Thank you to the evangelists, who burst out of the four walls of the church building to reach the sinner, the ones so lost and caught up in the things of the carnal world. Those who are willing to be unconventional - street preaching, striking up conversation with total strangers, and more - due to their passion to reach everyone out in the dark with the light of Christ and bring them into His Kingdom.

Thank you to the prophets, who pray and see in the spiritual realm, listening to God and looking for His direction for the Church. Those who sacrifice being seen as strange to prophesy and perform prophetic actions for powerful effects and breaking of strongholds in the Spirit through obedience.

Thank you to the apostles, who desire to raise up these other ministers and help them succeed in what God has asked of them. Who bridge the gaps between these different areas, provide the tools to make it possible, and who see God's big picture to use every one of these to bring His will to pass.

You are appreciated. Whatever calling God has given you is special and important - none is greater than or less than the other. We all need each and every one of you. Thank you for continuing to earnestly do the work God has called you to in humility, integrity, and honesty.

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