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Party Sin: Uncorrected Servants

Servant leadership serving “We the people” can only exist where the people hold their officials accountable. To hold officials accountable, the people must be aware of the individuals they are electing and placing in offices of power. The idea of accountability has been replaced by an uneducated populace voting for party officials based on an unfulfilled promise, various programs given to appease people who love free entitlements and unearned money, media propaganda, celebrity status, and the idea that a bunch of unethical sin-broken men can bring peace and safety to the world by making sure that no one ever suffers offense or harm (like that's reality).

America has lost the understanding of republican (representatives) democracy (of the people). The people who are placed in office are first and foremost supposed to be tested by the people in their local communities. They are sent as civil servants to represent a certain district or community. They are elected to be the voice of the people living in an area. For the civil servant to be the “voice of the people,” the people must constantly tell their servant what they want him to do. This starts by local communities knowing the individuals they elect from within their community. No one should be placed in office because of wealth, status, popularity, or fame; they should be selected by the people based on morality, ethics, and the servanthood of Christ. Our government offices start with community leaders, state district representatives, and state senators, and are promoted as they protect the rights and freedoms of the people by restricting the power of the government and its officials, including themselves. All of these positions are to be filled with men of honesty and integrity who are placed into office to serve. They answer directly to the people and the people should contact them constantly to hold their feet to the fire.

Instead of keeping our officials accountable, we have allowed the government systems to usurp our authority and take our freedoms by allowing those in power to pass laws that strip us of our rights and establish a ruling class of power-hungry men. It is up to us to correct the corruption found in our servants. They are not a ruling class or a people who should be worshiped and adored. They are the hirelings of the people, and it is time for the people to bombard them with letters, phone calls, emails, and meetings of correction. The time has come to deflate the beast we have created. We created it by not doing our job. We created it by voting for people we do not know. We created it by not visiting our employees and demanding accountability with the people’s money. Instead, we have allowed them to steal from us to fill their coffers in the name of preserving our future. The ultimate trickle down is the government itself - entities filled with offices full of people who provide themselves jobs to make programs to keep “care” of us. The problem is that they are paid exorbitant amounts to give us services that ultimately place us at their mercy and disposal, causing us to become the slaves and them to become our masters.

The people we have placed in power are not serving us. They think we were born to serve them. This is tyranny. While we blame the leaders, “We the people” are the ones to blame. Why are we placing people into office we do not know? Why do we continue to elect insecure, power-hungry men who want to be famous instead of civil servants? The civil servant's number one job is to protect our God-given rights, not to rape us of our property and freedoms. Most of the American populace are looking to wicked men to give them the results that only God can give. Our ignorance of the people in office has created this mess and it is up to us to correct it. We correct it by calling our servants to account through the various means of communication given to us, and if this does not work, we remove them from office and get to know regular people in our communities who are not in it for the prestige, money, or power.

Not only is God going to hold us accountable for the men we vote for, He is going to hold us accountable for the platform of the party we support. If it is our party, we are accountable for its beliefs that directly oppose His Word. If we do not directly speak out and oppose the works of darkness, we are partakers of their evil deeds (Ezekiel 33:8, Ezra 9:13, John 3:19-20, 2 John 1:11). We must correct our servants by calling, emailing, writing letters, and meeting with them personally. If we do not use our voice, we are accountable for not only electing them, but being in agreement with their actions and policies. If you are a member of a party, you must make a list of the platforms beliefs that oppose God’s law and use your authority to rectify it. Your authority is your voice. If you are independent, you must write the officials you vote for and inform them what is out of order in their lives. If you choose not to vote, you are not off the hook. God is going to hold you accountable for not doing your part to speak out and preserve the nation He called you to speak to. The sad fact is for years we have had to vote for the less of two evils based on our own conscience. We complain about our choices, but fail to find Christian men and women in our communities who will serve us based on the standards of morality found in the Word of God before the next election comes around. We the people must demand penalties for those who are found in corruption. If we do not repent and start processes of correction in our nation now, God’s judgement is going to sweep through every hall of government and end up at every individual's house based on where they stand. While there are none perfect, true leadership is first and foremost penitent before God. I am waiting to see our current leaders bow their knees and pray for three hours like the original founders did. In our arrogance, we have made the government our source instead of God, and socialism will build groups that fight over the scraps the government gives out. All the while the officials answer to no one and plan to come take what you have at your house.

Luke 12:42-48, Matt 24:45-51, Hebrews 12:5, Job 5:17, Romans 14:4, Proverbs 29:19,27, Psalms 36:1

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