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Party Sin: UN or One World Government

The idea of a world wide utopia built by big government is a demonic process that leads to the establishment of the anti-christ spirit. God chooses placement of each and every individual. He chooses family, city, state, and nation. Every individual contributes to make up a total population of people that either yield to God the Creator and His ways or they yield to false gods, demonic influences, and the sin nature. Satan assigns principalities over each and every nation to try to take over God's true territory: the heart of man. Since man is given dominion over a family, property, or nation the spirit that controls the people either brings forth corruption or righteousness. If the people and its leaders are controlled by corruption the evil devourer comes and steals, kills and destroys until the nation becomes a living hell (Gehenna). If the people and the leaders submit to God blessing comes and all the promises are poured out inwardly in the lives of people and increase comes to a nation.

It was at the tower of Babel that God separated people into nations and languages. He made the nations to slow down the process of the anti christ spirit that will bring chaos to the whole world. If a nation follows God then that nation will always be blessed and be a help to other nations in need. The primary help is the preaching of the Gospel which changes the hearts of men and women in a nation to bring them to a state of blessing. You will find that all nations that serve false gods or totalitarian governments ( Socialism, Communism, Man Worship) end up in great destruction, utter poverty and starvation with deep death rate, horrible violence, and perpetual pain. The way God slows down the anti christ ( One World, United Nations) take over is by allowing the various demonic governments of the world to fight against one another. Demons are everything God is not, they are selfish and when they fill worldly governments the governments go after money, power, land and things. This produces war in the natural but the spiritual warfare is raging inside men.

When God controls a family, or a city, a state or a land, the demons hate it. This is why after God gave Abraham a land, the land was filled with people controlled by demonic spirits worshiping pagan gods. The very land God gave was flowing with milk and honey and called the land of promise. By the time the Israelites come out of Pharaoh's slavery the land of promise is filled with all of the demonic populations. Now these pagan populations have to be driven out of the land by the angel(messenger) of God and the armies of the Lord. These accounts in the Scripture are not just about people, it is about people filled with demonic pagan spirits that refuse to stop serving evil demonic gods. All of these nations new about God's promise to Abraham in fact they all were of the same descent, but not of the same spirit.

As I have traveled across out nation, my eyes have seen the original documents of the founding colonies that all are centralized around the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. At present most of these states are filled with demonic spirits and socialistic thoughts that come to possess the land. This is also why it matters what immigrants are brought into our nation. It also matters that the people brought in are taught God's principles and God's ways lest they bring the same spirits from the other countries and consume our nation turning it into where they came from.

Now you know why the other nations hate America and Christianity. Why Christians are slaughtered all around the world. The reason the jew is slaughtered is because the physical flesh of the Jewish people brought forth Jesus Christ, who defeated death, hell, and the grave so all people could enter into His Holy Spirit and receive the promise. This is also why the United States of America makes God our king, not any God, the only God creator with servanthood and love that selfish men cannot understand. America is the only government system founded on God's Word that requires our leaders to be servants, but slowly the demonic spirits are limiting the true preaching of the Gospel and our leaders are reestablishing our nation under totalitarian demonic principles. The people of America are taking God out and making government god. The idea is man worship.

In the UN, the other nations scream and cry for the destruction of America and Israel, they scream that the blessing be equally distributed so the demons can devour and consume. Their governments continue in communism, or socialism making the government God and leaders the answer. They worship a king, or join a group that produces genocide to the undesirables (mostly christians). Recently Britain came out of union with the EU, because the countries practicing atheism and humanism are devourers unable to produce anything but debt. Their debt is produced form a lack of GOd’s principles and actually is robbing Britian and it’s citizens of the blessing of God. This is also why these nations are being over run with terrorism and demonic destruction. This comes from the ideal that everyone in the world has been taught God’s values, but many false religions teach many principles that are far from the Truth. These same spirits are at work in our nation as well, and if national revival does not come soon, we will be living in a demonic chaos as well.

God does not want the other nations land, He does not want all of their possessions, or even to drive them out of their portions, He wants the peoples hearts to be filled with His Holy Spirit and follow His ways. Much of what we call culture is really the practice of false religion. If the other demonic gods work then why do those who practice such end in utter destruction. This is not God's will, but the will of the demonic spirits they follow.

Genesis 11, Matthew 25:32, Matthew 24:14, Matthew 28:19, Deuteronomy 32:5-9, Acts 17:24-31, Revelation 12, 14:8, 18, 19:15, 20:3, Exodus 33:2, Exodus 34:11, Psalms 33:12, Psalms 145:15, Habakkuk 2:5, Psalms 9:17, Psalms 50:22

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