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Kingdom Keys

If you've gone to church a lot, you probably are pretty confident that you know the Word of God. You've been to Bible studies and conferences and missed very few Sundays. You know all about faith and healing and the right things to say in whatever situation.

You've got a large key chain full of keys jangling at your side. Each key is knowledge or a principle you've gained from understanding the teaching of the Word of God. You know so much that it becomes rather unlikely that you'll hear anything new. You already know about it.

So why is it that you admire your key chain full of keys and sit down on Sunday in your favorite spot and let them glimmer from their place beside you? They're pretty. They make a neat noise every now and then. But since you have all this knowledge and understanding, why don't you seem to get what keys are made for?

You don't carry your house key for looks. You use it to lock and unlock the door to your house. That's what that key's purpose is. Spiritual keys have even more importance. They aren't just for you to use to open up doors for yourself - they can open up the door of Glory for others! When you sit there, hoarding keys, you're withholding important information and experience from the people God has put around you. You could use the key of knowledge and set someone free!

Some people do use their keys - not to unlock the shackles from others, but to securely lock them in place. What power and wonder you yield in your hands as you soundly shut up others with your great expertise. Since you're clearly more knowledgeable and more experienced, you keep others from doing anything that makes you uncomfortable or convicts you of what you know and once had.

Others are unaware of what to do with their keys. They sit through all the classes, learn to raise a hand and say "amen," but don't really get how to unlock the door with what they've learned. They aimlessly repeat things and wave their keys about because that's what everyone else is doing.

Then there are those who know what key goes where, know how to use it, and aren't concerned with being the biggest and the best. In fact, they've opened the door and the glory of God was great and magnificent! Once Satan realized they opened the door, he responded with a intimidating attack. Out of fear, they tuck away their keys. This fear keeps them from trying again and the keys lay dormant and useless in their possession.

Of course, there are many who find it easier to allow the man or woman of God to work the keys until something comes open. Once the work of opening the door is done, it is easy to just step through the doors and enjoy all the benefits. Unfortunately, it gives no real benefit to you to let someone else do the fighting and learning for you. When the day comes and it requires you to do something yourself, you'll find yourself at a complete loss.

Don't just sit around knowing everything with your keys lying useless. Whether it's because of pride, confusion, ignorance, fear, or laziness, withholding Kingdom keys hurts you and those around you. The keys of God give us power to affect our lives, our church, and our nation. There will be resistance, and it won't be comfortable. But whatever God has behind that door is worth the effort and the attack. Use your keys!

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