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The things we see done in the natural represent the influence of a world that is unseen or known by carnal man.  Earlier this year God used the Supreme court to overturn Roe Vs. Wade that has permitted the destruction of over 2 billion babies in the last fifty years.  This destruction goes far beyond the nurturing ability of the mother.  It is influenced by demonic darkness that manifests to transform the intent of the mother to be one of nurture and replaces a woman’s natural state with the selfish nature of murder.  The demonic influence twists the minds of man to see the baby as a threat to a woman’s everyday life.  Innocent blood is shed and the judgement of God is poured out as demonic forces grow and our Nation is turned over to a state of spiritual blindness, darkness and despair.

As we move towards the end of this year God rejoices as our Nation decides to fight for life.  With this alignment not only will we see many future generations saved, we will see life return to the people in our Nation through the great work of Salvation.  In this new series called “Birthed”, Scott C. Lovett reveals the mysteries of the life of Christ at work in the children of God as they look to Jesus.  In our Salvation we find “The Mystery of Incarnation”, “The Mystery of Formation”, and “The Mystery of Rebirth.”  Under God’s intentions this message series is being delivered as America celebrates the birth of Christ during Christmas, as the Word is revealed it will give you an understanding of how Jesus grows within us so we experience His life each and every day.

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