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Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day

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During November, Fervent Fire Ministries will be fasting and praying. Amongst our prayers will be ones for your prayer requests!

The Thanksgiving of today is very different than the Thanksgiving originally celebrated by the Pilgrims. Thanksgiving was not a specific holiday and it never occurred alone. A day of Thanksgiving was always preceded by a day (or days) of prayer, fasting, and humiliation. Humiliation, to the pilgrims, was simply humbling themselves before God. When a time of great distress would come upon them, the leaders of the area would call for a day of prayer, fasting and humiliation. All work would cease. Everyone in the area would go to their churches and fast and pray to God, repenting of their sins and beseeching God to intervene on their behalf. Once this period was completed, everyone would return to their normal routine until news would arrive that their prayers had been answered. On such an occasion, the leaders of the area would call for a day of thanksgiving. Everyone stopped their work, went to church and spent the day thanking God for answering their prayers. Often, there were celebratory dinners, but the preacher would often warn his congregation of the negative ramifications of overindulgence and the sin of gluttony.

During this time of thanksgiving, the leadership of Fervent Fire Ministries and Real Church set aside a period of prayer and fasting. The form provided below is for you to put in your prayer request, so that we may join you in believing God for a miracle in your life or the life of someone you love.

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Please note that these prayer requests may be specifically prayed for aloud on our television show or live stream. If you don't want your request and/or name to be mentioned on the show or stream, please make a note of it with your prayer request, otherwise, you are giving your consent by submitting your request. You also agree to receive e-mails or other contact from us.

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