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Partnership Is Personal

Our partners are involved and updated

every step of the way.  They are personally involved with us and and support the vision and work of the ministry.  At FFM we feel a deep connection with each one.

is completed. Now it begins ...


About Our Current Series

 Like many fell by the wayside in the Old Testament and failed the test of faith and the condition of heart.  The same failing away is being revealed in our day and time. Do not get confused God is able to recognize all of humanity by the condition of the heart. He knows who are His. As Israel served other gods and ran after the loves of the world the antichrist spirit took over and God's judgment allowed the false to be carried off to Babylon. 

The falling away has occurred and many find themselves sinking deeper into the world system.  Many that once held the name of Christian now find themselves in the throws of Apostasia. The word "Apostasia" is defined as a falling away, a place of divorcing Gods ways, a forsaking. To be in this state is to believe that you are alright believing false teaching, you are alright neglecting Gods requirements.  You believe you can do a fake version of Christianity. You are in control and you have decided to do it your way.  The problem is that you there is no "your way." If anyone turns from a relationship with God and aligns themselves with the pagan gentile world system they will be a partaker of the judgments poured out upon the world systems.  To be spared by God’s great mercy, we must make an individual heart choice to stand up for God and follow Jesus Christ.  None of us can depend on a natural existence, we must depend on God and believe in His ways.  If we fail to return to God's way of living we will find oursleves move to the next word which is perdition.  Perdition is the place where we are set up for destruction.  It is a place where you have wasted your life on purposeless riotous living and you have been led aside to utter destruction. 

While many have gone and left God's house their is a remnant still alive and committed to the ways of God.  There is a call for those who have been taken captive by the world to return and rebuild the House of God.  TO do this you must remember who you are and boldly declare "I AM REMNANT!


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