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Fervent Fire Productions is a marketing arm of the ministry that produces marketing print materials, digital marketing media, and video marketing media. It includes graphics design and partnership contact. It is also the production arm of the ministry, producing the ministry in book, video, television, music, and various ministry curriculum and materials.

Fervent Fire Productions offers competitively priced services with church budgets in mind. Services include audio recording, video production, graphic design & layout, websites & social media, and sound system set-up.

The Fervent Fire Productions website also offers audio sermons, books, curriculum, special productions, and more on its online store!

You can also view episodes from The Final Word, produced by Fervent Fire Productions for FREE on our very own Compel Christian Broadcast Media Network. (You can watch via ROKU as well.) Episodes of The Final Word are generally in a preach/teach TV show format and many of the sermon series featured on the show are available through Fervent Fire Production's online store.

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