True Foundation is a Homeschool Learning Center designed to maximize the parents' involvement in their child's education with specialized learning skills attained through the principle approach of F.A.C.E (Foundation for American Christian Education).  This program teaches a thorough, Christ-centered thinking process which leads the child to the truth of God's Word in every area of life and places in the heart of the next generation American liberty and prosperity by educating them in Christian self-government by Biblical principles.  True Foundation is also a place to connect for extra curricular activities, social interaction and other helps in a safe, Christian atmosphere which is saturated with God's Word.  

Primary Program

Our Primary Program is for Pre-K through 1st with a 5-day or 3-day program consisting of half or full day options! We are competitively priced and desire to see your child grow and begin developing a Biblical worldview even at an early age!

Elementary/Middle School

Elementary and Middle School (2nd - 8th) can enroll in our 3-day program that uses the hybrid school model. This model gives them teaching and instruction in class for three days a week, and gives assignments and research for the days at home. This gives the parent the ability to be involved and help teach the child as well as help the child learn individual study. Teachers will be connecting with students and parents through an online resource to be reachable for any questions, further instruction, online class discussion, and more.

These classes are taught through the full 3-day program for Elementary and Middle School. However, classes may be taken on an individual basis for any homeschooling parents that would like their child(ren) to learn one of the following subjects with us but would not like to enroll in the full program.







Please note that we have small class sizes (12 per class) so priority will go to those enrolling in full programs.

To find out more about tuition, class details, enrollment, and more, check out our website by clicking "Learn More." If you'd like a free phone consultation, call 888-242-5229 ext. 704.

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