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Partner Spotlight: Jana Tollefson

Jana Tollefson grew up in a Christian home, where her mother and father taught her Christian principles. It wasn't until her time in Tulsa Junior College, however, that she would experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit. "There was a young man [at TJC] who was Spirit-filled ... There was something different about him. He was glowing. He was on fire." The young man invited her to a convention where Dr. Twilah Fox was speaking. "... I went up on stage and she prayed for me and when she put her hands on me, I felt an electrical current from the top of my head to the soles of my feet - I could feel it. ... It was a life-changing experience for me and I realized that ... I was never going to be the same again."

Being musically talented, Mrs. Tollefson had big plans for her life. She had won a lot of competitions and was intending to go to Julliard. However, when she was 17, her father died of a massive coronary and her life was flipped upside down. Even through this tragic event, she could see how God moved. Despite having not worked in 17 years, her mother was offered three job opportunities, one of which she took at the University of Tulsa in the music department as a secretary. This led to Mrs. Tollefson attending the university, working with incredible music professors, and earning a degree through the vocal-instrumental program. "Our ways are never His ways, you know? And His ways are perfect ... If we will just submit."

This background later led to Mrs. Tollefson and her husband, Duane, getting involved in music ministry. They were instrumental in starting the first active singles ministry at their church, then later started children's church there, and after that started the young married's class. After these experiences in ministry, Mrs. Tollefson got involved with the Tulsa Homeschool Choir. "The Lord had me [get involved with THC]; I didn't want to. I fought Him for two years. I did not want to start 'cause I knew that ministry is hard work. So, I did that for 14 years. ... I don't begrudge one cent."

When it comes to churches in America, Mrs. Tollefson notes the constant presence of apathy. "There are many pew warmers. People that think that they're going to Heaven, and He's going to say, "I never knew you." ... I'd love to see everybody [set] on fire [for God]." She later came to Real Church, which is closely partnered with Fervent Fire Ministries. "I couldn't believe - it was ... real. ... I can tell you, Real Church is very, very unusual." She really enjoys the idea of being "real," and loving people through their deficiencies. As for the five-fold ministry established there, she notes, "I wish churches were set up that way - all churches. ... It's very clear in Ephesians that we have five-fold ministry."

Mrs. Tollefson is excited about the material coming out of Fervent Fire Ministries. "The books, the CDs, the DVDs - it's great. It's going out to the lost - and the lost can be anywhere. ... I love the idea that ... I'm a little piece in the mosaic." She noted that the Holy Spirit was what caused her to support Fervent Fire Ministries as a partner. "God kept talking to me and telling me over and over."

To those considering partnership with Fervent Fire Ministries, Mrs. Tollefson says to go for it. "I mean, really. Be part of the mosaic. Be blessed. ... I kinda think you would be missing out on an opportunity. I think everybody should be a part of it. ... I really do believe that you will be blessed if you are obedient to what God has told you to do. ... Now, maybe somebody can't at this time, but they can certainly pray. Prayer costs nothing. ... Any time you give, it's going to come back, if you do it with the right heart."

If you'd like to become a partner or donate and be part of the mosaic, you can start here!

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